Saturday, June 20, 2009

Attack of the killer ants

I came into work yesterday and had ants all over my desk, floor and
chair. I spent about an hour on my hands and knees with a small hand
vacuum sucking up the little suckers.

I finally started to see them reducing, in the mean time, I had been
bitten badly about 8 times. They were leaving large welts with a
small white point that would ooze. I also felt ill after the whole
ordeal. I had my oil bag with me and started putting purify on the
bites. I also felt wheezy. So I took the lavender, lemon, peppermint
mixture in some water. My wheeziness was quickly gone. But my bites
were, while better, still irritating, itching, and stung. I took the
peppermint and dabbed the spots again. They remained welted, but the
irritation went away almost immediately.

After some time the ants started to come back. I dripped some
peppermint on the desk and spread it around with a tissue. The ants
walked on it like deity on water. So I grabbed the purify. This time
they would not get near it. I dripped purify drops all over my desk,
and along the floor by the walls where they seemed to be coming in.
The ants did not bother me any more after that. And when I left, I
hit the spots again with purify. The tissues I used to wipe my desk,
I placed hanging out of different drawers on my desk, in my trash can
and on the floor by the wall.

When I came in this morning, I fully expected to be infested again. I
was surprisingly met with the aroma of purify, and there was not a
single ant in site. More surprising, I picked up a couple of the
tissues to throw them away and they still had the strong odor of
purify. I would not have guessed that purify was such a base note
blend. I was surprised it had not fully volitized.

For further information... These ant were what I would call medium
size red ants. Wendy and I have had battles with small black kitchen
ants, and have found a spray with 20 drops lemongrass to 1-2
tablespoons of coconut or grapeseed oil as very effective against
these buggers. Of course, keeping cabinetry clean of leftover foods,
crumbs, spills, etc. helps greatly too. At night we spray and wipe
the cabinets with a paper towel. This keeps them away.

I guess this shows that what might be most effective for one kind of
ant, may not be the best for another race of critter. And what helps
ease the pain of a red bug bite, might not be the best oils for a
yellow and black stinging bug.

Happy ant murdering!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Essential oil wipes

Antibacterial wipes

During a time when our minds are focused on personal hygiene and cleanliness, as fellow doTerra-ites looking to stay away from harmful chemicals and alcohols… it’s time to consider that there are healthy alternatives for hygiene on the go.

Consider on guard or purify blend from doTerra and there amazing antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Is there any reason we can make a simple wipe that takes advantage of this amazing blend?

There are a couple ways to take advantage of this. One of the easy ways to guard your children from germs is to make a simple on guard wipe.

Wipes recipe #1
15-20 drops on guard or purify essential oil blend
1 cup distilled water

Take a roll of quality paper towels rip about 20-25 of them into single squares, then cut them in half. Put the towels in the bottom of a bowl or casserole dish and add the mixture. Let the liquid soak up, then lightly ring out some of the moister. You can now place the wipes in a discarded wipe container or a plastic sealable bag. If there is liquid left over, make some more wipes.

Teach children to use them often, and to be careful of their eyes after use or if they use them on their face.

Wipes recipe #2
12-15 drops of on guard or purify essential oil blend
¼ cup of natural baby shampoo
1 cup distilled water

This wipe will have a little cleansing action for extra dirty hands.

Wipes recipe #3
15-20 drops on guard or purify essential oil blend
¼ cup aloe vera gel
1 cup hot water
Mix well before applying to towels

Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flu

Swine Flu

The “not if, but when” cry is no longer just an axiom…

the “if”… is happening,
the “when”… is now,
and it’s called the swine influenza.

What is Swine Flu? The Center for Disease Control says:

Swine Influenza (swine flu) is a respiratory disease of pigs caused by type A influenza VIRUSES. Outbreaks of swine flu happen regularly in pigs. People do not normally get swine flu, but human infections can and do happen. Most commonly, human cases of swine flu happen in people who are around pigs but it's possible for swine flu viruses to spread from person to person also.

Check out the bold word above… This is a virus, not a bacteria so we need to consider the ramifications as such. If you were at the doTerra anniversary celebration and seminar in St. George this weekend, you heard Dr. Hill explain the difference between bacteria and virus. The information that he gave us is very important to know as we decide what oils will be effective and how to use them. The fact that Essential oils work on a cellular level, at least for me and my family is a very comforting thought. I have no doubt that I can protect my family during this outbreak.

I am also confident that with enough people working on the virus, it likely won’t be something that we have to deal with face to face in our town of St. George… at least not right away. But make no mistake, if my family is faced with combating this or any other viral outbreak, we are prepared.

It’s comforting to note, that the swine flu is treatable, and absolutely survivable! It’s resistant to two of four antiviral drugs approved for combating the flu: Symmetrel and Flumadine. But two tested antivirals, Tamiflu and Relenza – so far appear to be successful against the strain. The great news for users of doTerra essential oils is that we have several oils and blends that will build our immunity systems and are powerful enough to attack viruses on a cellular level. The troubling news is that if the outbreak ever became serious and were to infect a large number of people, the available pharmaceutical antivirals would fall well short of providing enough protection for everyone.

Still, it’s good to be prepared. Lets talk about the meat of how to combat this thing. First lets talk about prevention. Being a virus it will not be easy to get out of our systems. So the best thing to do is not allow it in-in the first place.

10 basics of prevention.

At the Saturday doTerra convention, what prevention method did Dr. Hill bring up first?

1. Wash your hands often with soap and water, especially after you cough sneeze or wipe your nose. Tissues should be discarded immediately in a wastebasket.

2. Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Discard the tissue immediately in a waste basket.

3. Run your diffuser often in your home. I know there has been much discussion on our diffuser lately, and we will address that in a blog soon to come. Dr. Hill and other leaders have much to say about that. What oils? On Guard for sure. It was developed to boost our immune systems, and guard us against pathogens. I hear it humming away right now as I write.

4. While we are talking on guard, I would also consider rubbing your own children's feet with on guard every night befor bed time and every morning before they put there shoes on for the day. Not only is it a bonding experience for you and your children, but it will bolster there immune systems.

5. I would also mist your families bed sheets with a mist of essential oils before bedtime. 10 drops of on guard or some other essential oil with a ¼ cup of water in a spray bottle – shake well.

6. If there is virus in your area, obviously you want to avoid contact with those that are sick.

7. Put about 1 drop of lemon oil for every 8oz of water you and your family drink. Over time this will greatly strengthen the immune system. In our home, we have not had colds or flu of any significance in over a year since we started incorporating essential oils in our household. And this is one way we have been consistent with.

8. As always, as you clean regularly around your home, use essential oils to clean. Purify, On guard or lemon in a spray bottle used for cleaning will assure pathogen free surfaces.

9. Be aware and recognize symptoms if they strike you or a family member. Immediately begin an essential oil protocol and see a professional if you experience symptoms. Swine flu symptoms are similar to regular flu: Fever, body aches, sore throat, cough, runny nose, vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy.

10. Make your home a happy place, free from stress. A haven with kind words and positive thoughts. Make a place of safety and refuge. As storms rage on, have your home be a house of prayer, gratitude and love.

These are all things we can do that will create of synergy of protection for your home and family.
Now what do we do if we find ourselves faced with symptoms of the flu?

Protocol for Viral Flu

We’ve talked about it before. Nip it in the bud…Jump on the Genesis train…Strike early and often…no matter what the idiom, the advise is still the same. At the first indication of a symptom, strike back quick and hard.

Make sure the oils you have are doTerra essential oils. Why? They are guaranteed to be sourced from the area’s in which the are indigenous to. They are organically grown. Harvested by correct methods and at the correct time. Distilled by professionals at the correct temperature and pressure. Finally each batch is tested by independent labs for correct constituents content to guarantee efficacy. These methods are key to insuring safety and effectiveness.

1. Make 00 size capsules of 8 drops oregano, 5 drops on guard and 3 drops frankincense. Then take the capsules internally twice daily.

2. Gargle twice daily with 1 drop oregano, 2 drops on guard, and 2 drops lemon in 1 or 2 tblspns of pure water. After gargling for 5-10 minutes, swallow the mixture.

3. Oil pull daily with 1 tbslpoon VCO, 2 drops oregano, and 2 drops melaleuca. Pull for about 10 minutes before expectorating the blend. Then brush your teeth and rinse out your mouth. This mixture may be hot. If it’s too hot, reduce the oregano to 1 drop and add a drop of lemon. You can also consider cinnamon, cassia or on guard instead of melaleuca.

4. Always put lemon and peppermint in your drinking water and drink it often. Staying hydrated is an important part of assuring the oils work effectively in our bodies.

5. Consider other protocols for specific symptoms. Breathe to the chest, neck and back for respiratory issues, digest-zen (often in a capsule with frankincense) for nausea or digestive problems. Oregano or Cinnamon and Lemon as a gargle for sore throats.

6. In cases where there is obvious inflammation to the bronchial tubes including cracking or popping sounds while breathing from the chest, consider a rectal implant. 3 drops oregano, 3 drops frankincense, and 3 drops thyme in a capsule. Lubricate with virgin coconut oil then insert rectally. Al least twice daily. It is not pleasant, but highly effective and the quickest way to the lungs.

7. Diffuse the air that you are working, living and sleeping in. If you are suffering from symptoms, consider oils and blends that will help. If you are trying to quarantine areas of healthy air, diffuse on guard.

8. Do twice daily aromatouch treatments. Look up the method on and use Virgin Coconut oil as a carrier for the recommended oils. Add the blend breathe and single thyme to Inflammatory reduction phase.

9. Eat healthy mostly raw foods.

10. Get plenty of rest, exercise and fresh air where possible.

For children that can’t take internal treatments, use appropriate oils on their feet, chest and using the spinal treatment.

Oils that are an important part of your germ fighting arsenal and that are good to have around are; On Guard, Oregano, Cinnamon, Myrrh, Thyme, Basil, Clove, Lemon, Peppermint, and the aromatouch oils. These essential oils have the ability to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses, get down into the cellular level and make things right. Essential Oils are proven natural combatants to boost the immune system and protect us from and combat against flu strains including the swine flu.

Rob James

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Dear friends,

In an effort to make access to our sharing site easier, we have obtained the

This will make accessing this site much easier, and will make sharing
it with others easy as well. We encourage you to make one of your favorites, and contribute any time
you can...


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Everything doTERRA

Everything doTERRA 5.6

We have been thrilled with the Google Group “everything doterra”. The contributions have been amazing. And the questions keep on coming. We wanted to encourage more people to contribute and participate in the group. Not only is it a great resource for you as and essential oils user, but it offers a forum that you can send friends and family to – where they can search and ask a group of people who are interested in alternative methods for health and wellness.

We want to do 2 things.

1) We are interested in more people sharing their personal experiences. They don’t have to be miracle cures or amazing stories of recovery or prevention. We are looking for simple way’s in which essential oils have helped you. We want your experience. Simple is good, it’s what we want. We want to open people’s eyes to uses and experiences. Many people are intimidated and new to oils. They don’t know how to take that first step. Sometimes reading how someone helped themselves overcome allergies or some other simple ailment is what a new user needs to proceed. It’s good to read about the frequency (how often used), type of oils or blends and methods of application used. These are the things needed for people to feel comfortable proceeding.

2) We want help people build there groups by offering a resource that will offer methods, uses and protocols for health issues big and small. We encourage people to complete their membership profile, including there doTerra personal web page or other web or blog pages that represent you. We are getting reports back that people are using the “everything doTerra” group to build there own line. Sending friends, family and down-line to the site to learn and participate in the doTerra experience.

We want your participation to be easy and efficient. If you have tried to “join group” or have had any trouble signing up or signing in, please contact Rob James. You can call him at his office at 435-688-0650 during the day (best) or his cell phone is 435-323-4211. He is happy to go through the process of becoming a member. We realize that it can be tricky sometimes to sign in.

Some items that you may or may not know;

You do not need a Gmail account. You can use your existing e-mail address.

You can receive copies of discussions to your email as they are posted, or you can receive abridged copies once per day, or no emails (just access the group as you have need) or a periodic digest email.

You can use an alias or nick name, you do not have to give your real name if you choose.

You can include a profile with your picture or an icon, you’re my-doTerra address or other web presence.

You can include as much or as little personal information about yourself.

You do not have to make your e-mail visible to others if you choose.

Please visit Everything doTerra. Leave your testimonial of the oils and enjoy the now hundreds of

contributions that are available. As you address issues, make sure that key words are spelled correctly or include buzz words or idioms so people can have successful searches.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

5.5 - 52 uses for ON GUARD

"antibiotic in a bottle"

52 Top uses for On Guard antimicrobial blend of essential oils.

1. Mix with a tblsp of water, gargle for 1 minute then swallow at the on-set of a sore throat.

2. Put 5 drops oregano and 5 drops on guard in a 00 capsule and take 3 times daily at the on
set of cold or flu symptoms.

3. Put on the soles childrens feet at night during cold & flu season to support immune

4. Put several drops on a bowl of hot – hot water and Breathe in the vapors as it begins to
volatilize when you have lung congestion.

5. Put 50 drops in a spray bottle with 30 oz of distilled water. Shake often and use to sanitize
kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

6. Add to your dishwasher for micro clean dishes.

7. Add to your laundry cycle for micro clean clothes.

8. Add to your mop water for cleaner floors.

9. Apply to bee and insect stings to neutralize the toxin and relieve the pain.

10. Gargle and brush daily for healthy teeth and gum's and to prevent and treat gum disease.

11. Apply to gum's and teeth, or swish with 5 drops of on guard & 1tbsp of water for pain relief
from toothaches and after dental work.

12. Diffuse in homes or business to kill air borne pathogens, inhibit mold and build immune

13. Put a few drops on air filters when changing them to kill pathogens in the duct work.

14. Add to Emergen-C or orange juice to help congestion and fight flu and cold.

15. Put a drop in your mouth and push or squeeze it around to relive smoking urges. (enhance
with an extra drop or two of clove.)

16. For warts, apply topically, rotating between oregano & frankincense.

17. Apply a drop on a pets sore or wound to enhance healing.

18. Have the diffuser going in your home when the kids come home to ward off germs.

19. Make an anti-biotic blend using On Guard (12 drops) Oregano (6 drops)
Frankincense (2 drops) in a 00 gel cap.

20. Add 15 drops to every cup of corn starch, mix and sprinkle on carpet.
Rake, leave for 1 hour then Vacuum for micro clean carpet.

21. Mix a 2-3 drops of on guard and 2 drops of lemon EO with honey or agave in a teaspoon
for a cold or cough relief medicine for kids.

22. Gargle with 1 tbps of water and 1 drop each of lemon and on guard hourly for laryngitis.

23. Put several drops on the HVAC vents of a hotel room or office to kill airborne pathogens
and germs.

24. Mix with baking soda to clean bathtubs.

25. Apply neat to the toes and nails to combat fungus.

26. Combine 2 tbps of water with 5 drops of on guard in a small glass and store your
toothbrush overnight to sanitize.

27. Use a 50/50 mix of on guard and purified water and spray onto oven interior. Leave for 15
minutes, then wipe away greasy spots.

28. Apply to hands to remove stubborn, sticky substances like tree sap.

29. Add to the water in your vacuum cleaner/steamer to disinfect the carpet.

30. Put a few drops in your vacuum bag to kill pathogens.

31. Put 15 drops in a 6oz spray bottle, shake and spray rooms, desks, or bed sheets to protect
against pathogens.

32. Clean the upholstery and dashboard of your car.

33. Gargle with on guard and 1 tbsp of water prior speaking engagements or singing

34. Rub on stains as a pre-wash stain remover.

35. Add 3 drops to your tooth brush and brush every day for a healthy mouth and to prevent cavities, gum disease.

36. Apply to teeth that have been damaged or broken to help them heal.

Make an on guard spray with 15 drops for every 6 oz of water : use the spray for…

37. Wipe doorknobs and other things touched by the public.

38. Wipe dirty piano keys to clean and disinfect.

39. Use to clean childrens hands when traveling.

40. Use on the steering wheel and gearshift of your vehicle.

41. Use on public telephones to remove germs.

42. Use on public computer keyboards and mice.

43. Use as an underarm deodorant.

44. Spray on hands before and after shaking hands with a lot of people.

45. Spray in public restrooms on airplanes to reduce airborne bacteria.

46. Carry for protection in countries with cholera, malaria or dysentery.

47. Use as an air freshener for cooking odors or other unwanted smells.

48. Take to the gym and spray all the equipment you use.

49. Take to the supermarket and use to disinfect shopping cart handles.

50. Use in the classroom for desks, tables and other items handled by children.

51. Spray in your mouth and throat at first onset of cold or bronchitis.

52. Spray on shower stalls and bathroom walls to disinfect and remove mold.

The proceeding statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Products and methods recommended are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information provided here is in no way intended to replace proper medical help.

Friday, January 23, 2009

5.4 High Blood Pressure

5.4 High Blood Pressure

There isn’t a single health issue that I get more inquiries on than Hypertension.

So Am I an expert on Hypertension?

I’m not a doctor, but I did suffer a massive hemorrhagic stroke in 2006. It nearly killed me and I’ve become very acquainted with HBP its causes, diagnosis and prevention ever since. My stroke was caused by moderately high blood pressure in combination with a rare condition of my adrenal gland that causes occasional spikes in Blood pressure. I had such a spike in June of 2006 that shot my Systolic reading to well over 200.

The question of High Blood Pressure and Essential oils is a hard wire to walk for several reasons.

  • High Blood Pressure is a serious condition.If you have HPB you are likely working toward future heart disease.You are probably playing Russian rulet with the possibility of Stroke. And diabetes is already a concern or right around the corner.

  • Seriously High blood pressure is something that you should be seeing your doctor about.And my experience is that if it is elevated to a dangerous level, you need medication like Beta blockers, or Ace inhibitors.These have can have serious side effects, but the alternative is more dangerous.

  • There are many different causes, types and conditions surrounding hypertension.It is nearly impossible to identify one or more essential oil and say that “this oil” (universally) can help with hypertension.In fact, I left rehabilitation with prescriptions for 8 different medications to regulate and normalize my blood pressure, and I know take 1.I attribute my efforts to get off prescription medications to;

  1. Weight loss and dietary change

  1. Exercise

  1. doTerra’s supplements

  1. No more table salt or high sodium products and a reductive use of only sea salt or whole mineral salt.

  1. Daily use of certain essential oils.

I would highly recommend that any one with elevated blood pressure use all of these efforts, accepting #5. The essential oils that I use may not be what will help someone else.

This still leaves many things that a person can do to help their hypertension. The dangerous thing about our society today is that many people have a lifestyle and habits that they are unwilling to change in the name of health. They would rather “take a pill” than make a change. I know people that are diabetic or borderline diabetic but still drink outrageous amount of soda pop, or diet soda pop which can raise A1C levels even more! You must decide to make necessary changes in your life style if needed.

What I can recommend as a long time essential oil user, and as someone that depends on essential oils to control hypertension is to;

  1. Make dietary and exercise changes in your life that make a healthy body a priority. This may take time, for some… years. But it is by far the best step you can take towards normalized blood pressure. There are many sources that can teach you foods that are best for elevated pressure. Take advantage of these. If you smoke or drink alcohol, stop. It’s one of the worst things you can do for elevated blood pressure. Remove high fat, fried, high fructose corn syrup products and carbonated drinks completely from your diet.

  1. Exercise daily. Park a few blocks from work. Get a dog and walk it daily. Go for a walk with a son, daughter or spouse every night after dinner.

  1. Use doTerra’s supplements daily.

  1. Use a reduced amount of quality sea salt or whole mineral salt for seasoning foods.

  1. Find essential oils that are effective at reducing high blood pressure for YOU. This will take testing, and patience. You need a BP Cuff. You should have one anyway. As you try a new essential oil or blend, take your BP before and after intervals. Try 5 min, 1 hr, 8 hrs and 16 hrs. Try applying hourly, every 8 hrs and every 24 hours. Keep a record of your results.

The following are a list of essential oils that have historically been used to help regulate high blood pressure. There are also some “blends” that some have been successful using. And finally, I’ve included the blend that I personally use with success, again keeping in mind that causes of my hypertension are considered rare.

Recommended applications include several drops applied with massage to the bottom of the feet, wrists, along the breast bone, massage over the heart, to the carotid arteries and back of the neck. Also diffusion might be effective, and adding the oil or blend to a bath (agitating the water often).

Single Oils

Ylang Ylang

Clary Sage








Citrus Bliss

Rob’s Blend

6 drops Ylang Ylang

6 drops Helichrysum

4 drops Frankincense

4 drops Marjoram

4 drops Cassia

25 drops Coconut oil

Rob James

The proceeding statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Products and methods recommended are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information provided here is in no way intended to replace proper medical help.