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5.1 Arthritis

5.1 Arthritis

Arthritis originates from an inflammatory condition in the joints. Essential oils can reduce inflammation and will provide pain relief but is less proficient at reversing damage if the condition has progressed to the point of destruction of joint structures.

Like most treatable conditions with essential oils, everyone reacts differently. What might be most effective with some, others have found a different blend more effective. What is important is consistency and enduring the trial and error phase as you find an oil or blend that is most efficacious for you.

What’s happening?
For people that have been suffering from arthritis in the hands, and have started using essential oils for themselves and their families, they are beginning to notice that simply the everyday application and use of these powerful oils is beginning to offer relief from arthritic pain. There are a number of essential oils that are known anti-inflammatory as well as having analgesic properties, as a result, normal use for various reasons has been beneficial to their arthritic pain. The same concept is true for people suffering from carpel tunnel.

We will discuss 3 blends that have been most successful in treating the painful and debilitating effects of arthritis.

First, Dr. David Hill in his book “Nature’s Living Energy” comments, “In treating patients with rheumatoid arthritis, I have found that a combination of lemon and myrrh, or oregano applied topically can be quite soothing to inflamed joints.

Second, Consider a pain relief blend like doTerra’s Deep Blue™. It is a blend of some of the most effective analgesics, and anti inflammatory oils that exist. Blue Tansy, Camphor, Helichrysum, Osmanthus, Peppermint and wintergreen to name a few. Wintergreen is an oil often associated with analgesic creams such as icy-hot and Ben-Gay. Primarily because these products use a synthetically produced chemical (methyl salicylate) that originates from wintergreen (gaultheria procumbent) and has proven effective as a warming pain reliever. However by using Deep Blue, you actually experience the product in its natural 100% pure state.

Third, equal drops of wintergreen, lemon grass, frankincense, and eucalyptus in a 50% carrier of coconut oil has been found by some to be the effective formula for arthritic pain.

Different Strokes for Different Folks
Like mentioned above, some blends are more or most effective for different people. It is recommended you try a blend for one week, if you’re not satisfied with the results, try a different blend. Start with 3 applications per day. Once you find the blend that offers the most relief, be consistent with applications, reducing the frequency of use gradually till the minimum effectual amount is found.

An oil or blend should be applied directly to the affected areas using light massage. Use a hot compress after massage application for deeper penetration and relief. For further relief use a local bath for the hands or feet. Fill a bath bowl with hot water. Add 3-4 drops of the oil or blend and soak your hands or feet till the water begins to cool. Agitate the water often to keep the oils well mixed with the water.

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